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PadKite: Virtual Mouse for Mobile Devices


Our patented virtual mouse for mobile devices, PadKite, was released to the acclaim of the Android community in 2011. However, we’ve put a freeze on the development of PadKite until our latest product, gestureKit, has been embraced as an industry standard by developers. PadKite is not available to the public at this time because it is not compatible with any versions of Android past 2.2. Here we tell you a bit about PadKite and welcome your thoughts. You can read more about the feedback on a Hacker News post here. Is PadKite something you would like to try?

Tell Me More About PadKite ®

Are you familiar with annoying “banana-finger-syndrome” where you try in vain to select a teeny tiny link on your mobile device but keep missing the sweet spot and find yourself taken to a million pages except the one you were after?

Or that “grrr” feeling when you attempt the fiddly process of selecting text with the cursor over and over again, each time failing to highlight the section you wanted?

If you are reading this, then chances are you know what we’re talking about. After all, it is one of the most frequently experienced sources of irritation in our day.

Well that’s just one of the problems that PadKite ® fixes.

PadKite is a first-of-its kind virtual mouse we created here at RoamTouch which, in conjunction with drastically upping your digital dexterity, enables you to manipulate your device to do what you want with simple gestures using gesture technology. In other words, it makes you more efficient.

The Nitty Gritty on PadKite

PadKite is, quite simply, a virtual mouse which appears on the screen of your mobile device, is operated with your fingers and helps you navigate more accurately and easily.


Because it uses our patented gesture control technology, this means that, in addition to making it much easier for you to select the text or function you want, you can then perform associated actions with minimal stress.

For example, you can trace a simple symbol such as a letter or @ across the screen of your device to effortlessly fire off a series of pre-programmed actions such as posting YouTube clips to Facebook, or copying and pasting text from an article into an email, or posting an interesting snippet of information to Twitter: all you have to do is swipe your finger across your screen! This kind of efficiency feels so great to use that it soon becomes addictive and doing things the old way feels clumsy and restrictive.

Here you can see just a snapshot of what PadKite can do:

PadKite™ short

Since its initial release as a service for Android end-users in 2011, we have reworked our approach and strategy. PadKite is currently in development to work as a feature of our latest GestureKit ® software so that developers can install it into their products and services as an adjunct to GestureKit, with a single line of code, across any platform. This way we can reach more end-users and offer a real value-add to developers using our freemium GestureKit software.

PadKite™ Features Extended

Why PadKite Being Part of gestureKit ® is Great News for Developers

Because PadKite will be introduced as a feature of gestureKit and as a mouse SDK for mobile, PadKite will benefit from the many advantages offered by gestureKit:

It has cross-platform application so it will work on any device / within any program.

It’s easy for developers to install – just a single line of code is required.

It doesn’t take up much space in an application as we have created it as a transparent visor.

It’s free to developers who want to install it. We want to work with developers on a horizontal model to build the most user-friendly and functional industry-standard in gesture control.

The customers of developers installing it will benefit from the anticipated introduction of DrawAction™, our exciting umbrella service for end-users.

We will be unveiling our latest product, gestureKit, at our hackathon events in early April 2014 at The University of California, Berkeley in San Francisco. Stay tuned for updates. We’d love to see you there.

In the meantime, as always, feel free to contact us with questions or comments. We value your thoughts and are always interested in receiving new input or looking at things a different way.

PadKite in the press:
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