Life is too short
to unlock then launch

A fast blast for a safe launch to
anywhere within your world of apps.

Your personalized gestures are now
Your own secret activation codes.

NASA can’t launch this rocket.
Only YOU can!

RKT: Rapid Kinetic Touch

The First android lockscreen that is fast and secure.
Launch your apps with personalized gestures.

  • Unlock your phone the way you want to.
  • Create your own gestures to launch your apps.
  • Icons? So last season. Minimalistic UI, elegantly-designed.
  • For your productivity, your security and your visual pleasure.
  • It's fast. It's Secure. This is the lock screen we always wanted.

What are you waiting for?

Help us make it better!

RKT Launcher is powered by gestureKit

A simple development kit to create gesture-driven apps for a seamless user experience,
gestureKit is the world’s first cross-platform tool to create open source gesture
FOR and BY the community. And it’s free.

To learn more about gestureKit:

Visit our Website Download the SDK